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Author Spotlight

Dr. Cynthia Howard
When Your Heart Hurts - Healing From Life's Wounds


We have all experienced heart hurts, wounds, pain, and brokenness.  It appears throuh deeply distressing or disturbing experiences.  In this book, Cynthia disseminates ways to let those heart hurts go and be healed.


Yvette C. Owens

The Creatives: Leadership


For author Yvette C. Owens, leadership is not just a job title - it's a calling. With a deep-seated faith in God and a commitment to living purpose on purpose, Yvette has overcome tremendous obstacles to become an authentic creative leader.


In "The Creatives: Leadership," Yvette and her friends and colleagues, The Creatives, share the insights and strategies that have helped them to navigate the challenges of leadership with grace, resilience, and compassion. Drawing on their experiences of overcoming life challenges, inequities, injustices, and abuse, the authors offer a roadmap for creating a healthy culture that is innovative, creative, and profitable for all.


Through inspiring stories and practical advice, The Creatives: Leadership shows how true win-wins are possible when leaders prioritize the well-being and growth of their team members. The authors offer tools for building trust, fostering collaboration, and promoting creativity, all while remaining firmly rooted in godly principles.


Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting on your leadership journey, "The Creatives: Leadership" is an essential guide for anyone who wants to create a healthy, thriving workplace, ministry, or community culture. Join Yvette and The Creatives on this transformative journey towards becoming a creative leader and unlock your team's potential to achieve extraordinary things.

The book can be purchased at or by email at

Yvette C. Owens

No Bosses Allowed - Lead to Serve & Transform


Healthy cultures are never realized through bossy leaders. However, leaders committed to serving and transforming the organization and every individual engaged in the journey experience longevity and greater profitability on all levels.
In "No Bosses Allowed Lead to Serve and Transform," you will learn what is required for today's leaders to be successful in a culture challenged by elevated socioeconomic injustices, a pandemic, and financial challenges.

The book can be purchased at or by email at

Yvette C. Owens

Conquering Corporate Enemies: Mind. Personalities. Situations.

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Yvette C. Owens, known as the “Business Ambassador”, is a business strategist, facilitator, author, and speaker who builds strong healthy cultures that are inclusive of developing the individual and organization simultaneously. Yvette has navigated the traps of the mind, personalities, and situations for more than 39 years in Fortune 500 companies, and community and ministry organizations. She equips individuals to broaden their perspectives for growth, team cohesiveness, and joint accountability. In every setting, Yvette gives people the strength, knowledge, and skills to fight to move beyond their current conditions and reach their promises and purpose. As an overcomer of organizational stress that tests one at the very core, Yvette desires to let others know they too have what is necessary to rise above the day-to-day corporate settings that can leave one feeling beaten and broken.

•Do you feel powerless without any hope in your current organization?

•Are you masking your authenticity to be accepted?

•Do you want to know how to obtain security in an insecure environment?

•Have you lost your voice and influence?

•Have you lost your love and joy for your position and work environment?

•Are you performing every day yet not transforming to the greater you?


In Conquering Corporate Enemies: Mind, Personalities and Situations, Yvette gives practical steps to move past obstacles that sought to discourage, devalue, and discredit her and others she has coached. Applied wisdom stands on the back of experience to anchor you in the confidence needed to move forward in what you are created to do. You’ll find comfort in knowing you are not alone. Yvette demonstrates how to show up and win with the expected level of support and information, when promised, to provide quality service despite what is going on around you.

The book can be purchased at or by email at

Yvette C. Owens

Conquering Corporate Enemies: Mind. Personalities. Situations. THE WORKBOOK


Are you leading so that others will want to follow you? Are you harnessing the right behaviors and skills to become one of the greatest leaders of all time? I desire that your organization, you, and your teams are inspired to have open transparent conversations that will lead to inspired outcomes that increase your profits and enhance your culture. Conquering Corporate Enemies: Mind. Situations. Personalities and THE WORKBOOK are intended to give people the strength, knowledge, and skills to fight to move beyond their current conditions and reach true profitable and individual success. Achieving one at the expense of the other is not real success. It ultimately produces results far below the potential of both. You have taken the step to course correct. You will be amazed at the increased performance and engagement experienced across your organization as leaders and teams conquer corporate enemies and march to victory.

The book can be purchased at or by email at

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